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Maison Dieu – Very impressive, originally founded in 1203 by Hubert de Burgh Constable of Dover Castle and Earl of Kent and built by Dover Priory as a hospice for pilgrims, destitute soldiers and old people. Consecrated in 1227 by Henry II, first of a long line of visiting monarchs including Edward II, Edward III, Richard II, Henry V and Henry VI. Taken from the monks during the reformation, given to the navy, it was used as a victualling store supplying the British fleet for 300 years from the Spanish Armarda to the Battle of Trafalgar. Contains Armour, fine paintings and stained glass windows depicting historic events in Dover.


For further information Tel 01304 201066 or 823926 for group tours.


Guided tours Wednesdays 10am – 2pm (4pm during season) led by The Dover Society volunteers.


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