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    4 star accommodation in the heart of Dover

  • Maison Dieu Guest House

    Minutes to Ferry & Cruise Terminals

  • Maison Dieu Guest House

    Head for the coast - and a breath of fresh air

  • Maison Dieu Guest House

    Let your spirit soar over The White Cliffs of Dover

What’s to See & Do in Dover

  • Driving the beautiful South Coast Road from Dover By / 12th October, 2016

    Many of our guests arrive with the vague intention of driving from Dover along the South Coast Road, perhaps to Eastbourne, Brighton and beyond. Spoilt for choice driving the South Coast, with many beautiful villages and towns – and iconic ‘must see’ places along the route, it can be so hard to try and fit it all in! Time is probably the most important decider – so you could ask yourself, where do I need to be and by when, in other words – where are you staying next? We highly recommend (The Little Green Book) for simply great B&B’s all over the UK and Ireland. In order to make the most of your trip we strongly recommend use of a road map book – after all, it’s not the start and end point that are important – it’s the places along the way that you want to see! We have used approximate postal codes for guidance only.

    Stay in Dover By / 28th June, 2015

    For the visitor or for those simply travelling through Dover, it’s a remarkably small and easy town to navigate – especially surprising since it’s attached to one of the biggest Ports in the UK!

  • Our recommended local Restaurants in Dover – most approx 5 – 10 mins’ walk! By / 28th June, 2015

    During busy times – please either book or ask us to book a table for you!!! Opening days and times correct to best of our knowledge at time of printing – please check!

    Cruise Dover UK from Maison Dieu Guest House Dover England By / 17th April, 2015

    Maison Dieu Guest House is located just 5 minutes’ drive from Dover Cruise Terminals so if you are planning a cruise from Dover UK, a stay here at Maison Dieu Guest House Dover is very convenient.

  • Parking in Dover By / 29th March, 2015

    Parking is Dover is at a premium however, at Maison Dieu Guest House Dover we have convenient forecourt parking for 5/6 vehicles – this is unusual for Dover town centre guest accommodation.

    Walmer Castle By / 1st March, 2015

    Absolutely beautiful official residence of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.

  • Dover Boat Trips, Safari & Tours By / 1st March, 2015

    The Dover Rover bus and boat tours are there for everybody’s convenience whatever your requirements.

    Western Heights and Grand Shaft By / 1st March, 2015

    Extensive coastal fortifications, which date from the late 1700’s to early 1800’s with commanding views over the Channel and Dover.

  • Roman Painted House By / 1st March, 2015

    Fascinating, discovered by the Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit in 1970 (KARU) and built about A.D.200 as part of a large official hotel for leading Roman travellers crossing the English Channel.

    The White Cliffs of Dover By / 25th January, 2015

    View the simply stunning White Cliffs – famous throughout the world and the inspiration for Shakespeare and Vera Lynn amongst many others.

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  • Great B&B – …. a B&B like is it’s meant to be….!

    TripAdvisor Review - June 2015

    “Personalized service and convenient location”

    TripAdvisor Review - July 2015

  • “This is the perfect place to stay before or after a cruise”

    TripAdvisor Review - July 2015

    “I was looking for a place to runaway and de-stress. Well a couple of nights at the Maison Dieu Guest House left me relaxed and completely de-stressed.”

    Tripadvisor Review - April 2015

  • Comfy, clean and friendly – brilliant!

    Tripadvisor Review - April 2015

    “Barry and Di were very charming, pleasant, and friendly. I would highly recommend this B&B during your stay in Dover.”

    Tripadvisor Review - April 2015

  • This is how all B&B’s should be…..

    TripAdvisor Review - August 2014

    What a Magical place that was!

    TripAdvisor Review - September 2014

  • Excellent overnight stop en route to/from France

    TripAdvisor Review - November 2014

    “The most wonderful B&B – or even hotel I’ve ever been to

    TripAdvisor Review - December 2014